Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Oct 26


Posted by: Suga in MyBlog

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As the Melbourne Tigers sink to the bottom of the ocean with a complete absence of team unity, Cameron Tragardh has slammed the team for their lack of discipline in the first two games of the season.

The Tigers who followed up their round one humiliation with an even worse performance against the Perth Wildcats on Sunday night, now find themselves fighting to put together a competitive and unified unit on the floor.

“We’ve got to turn it around. That’s discipline,” said Tragardh, “We’ve got guys coming in from colleges or Europe and coming in with a pre-conceived idea of basketball. I think you need to wipe the slate clean and buy into the shuffle (offence), I don’t care where you’ve been before, this is what we do here. The shuffle is a beautiful offence but it only takes one guy to screw it up and we’ve got guys, who, when teams amp up the pressure we break out of it. That’s just discipline and we don’t have that right now.”

Tragardh (16 points) was one of only two Tigers to score in double-figures, as the Tigers lost for the second time at home to start the season.

With a team that has three seven-footers, plus Tragardh (6’10”), the Tigers were out rebounded for the second straight game as they lost the rebound count 31-29 to the Wildcats, to go along with the 31 turnovers they threw away during the game.

Coming up on Thursday night the Tigers visit the New Zealand Breakers (2-0), and in all likelihood will return home still in search of their first win for the season.

Tragardh expects that life on the road for the Tigers is going to be tough, especially considering where the team is at the moment, “It’s certainly not an ideal start for us. A baptism of fire for these kids coming into the league that we’ve got. If they think they’ve seen something wait till we get on the road, it’s going to be worse because we’re not going to get any calls.”

Melbourne have been shellacked twice, both games televised to a national audience on oneHD, and with Thursday night’s game also to be live on TV, Tragardh is having second thoughts about advising people to watch, “I know I feel embarrassed. I hate that. My family is watching, the fans, I tell all my friends to tune in but if we keep playing like this I might tell them not to tune in.”

Someone who has been watching the Tigers is Breakers head coach Andre Lemanis, who will again want his team to play at a fast pace and upset the Tigers, as Sydney and Perth have already done, with full court pressure.

“We, of course, will want another up tempo game, using our speed and agility to counter their size. It will be interesting to see which team can exert their preferred style on the game for the longest period. We have to make this a full court game and force them to play at a speed they are not comfortable playing,” noted Lemanis.

A troubling sign for the Tigers already, that their weakness has been so easily worked out and that full court pressure is their kryptonite.

“We’re going to have to kick and scratch and fight to stay in these games,” said Tragardh.

Is it a bad sign that after two games Melbourne are already talking about scratching and fighting, and not just going out there and playing to their full potential as a team?

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