Friday, April 25, 2014
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Dodo boys are no Dodos.

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It has been a historic week for the Melbourne Tigers Basketball Club. Without delving into the world of clichés too deeply, it is the “dawning of a new age”. So what can the basketball fans and the Tigers owners and players expect from the new owners Larry Kestelman and Michael Slepoy?

The past decade at the Tigers has been  dominated and commanded by Seamus McPeake. Seamus took hold of the Melbourne Tigers NBL team when they were at their lowest point. Riddled by financial issues Seamus was without doubt the Knight in shining armour. Through hardnose business decisions which were often unpopular, Seamus made the most famous basketball club in Australia viable again. Seamus recruited his friends and colleagues onto the board and ownership group. They also contributed their hard earned into the club and essentially kept the club alive for the best part of a decade.

Now with the transition from Seamus to the Dodo boys, we will no doubt see their own values and personalities come through with their decision making regarding how they run the club. Michael Slepoy is a different personality to Seamus and in my experiences is a rationale softly spoken marketing based business man. He is methodical and committed. As new CEO of the Tigers, he will need to use all of his skills to run the Tigers in a highly competitive sports market here in Melbourne.

Personally, while I fully respect the work that Seamus and Grant Stephenson and Cliff Gale and others put into the Tigers, I very much look forward to seeing where Slepoy and Kestelman take the club that is close to my heart. Slepoy has been a supporter of the Tigers for 30 years and he was a member who sat up in the stands at the Glasshouse and at Rod Laver Arena. I am sure that he wants to see the sport rise again and he has some power behind him to give this objective a real chance of happening.

We should never forget the efforts of the McPeake era, but I for one will be watching every step that Slepoy and Kestelman make with the jewel of the NBL, the Melbourne Tigers.

It really is the dawning of a new age, and as they say in the classics, “the Early Dodo gets the worm”……….

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