Friday, April 18, 2014
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Mar 02

Bulleen versus Jackson

Posted by: nigel12 in MyBlog

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When Lauren Jackson and the Canberra Capitals announced that the worlds greatest player would join the Caps mid season, the sigh of anguish from the Bulleen Boomers Head office in Sheahans Road could be hear from miles away. What does the Bulleen Boomers need to do to win their first ever WNBL title? Will Lauren Jackson be the stumbling block for the Boomers in their best ever campaign to register their first National Title?
Well on Saturday afternoon we will find out if the Boomers can beat Jackson and what an enthralling contest it will be. In a nutshell, the Boomers have a deeper and better team than the Caps but the Caps have "Lozza".
There are a host of interesting match ups and these are not just on the floor. Tom Maher is a champion coach and put his bid in the the job of National Opals coach and was overlooked in favour of Cari Graf. Who will be the better tactition on Saturday? Can Cari manage her team and her superstar to overcome a fit strong and determined Boomers line up.
And will the grit and determination of my favorite player in the WNBL Sharin Milner be enough to lead her team to victory.
Whatever the result, it will be an great encounter. My pick is the Boomers by less than five points.

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